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Table of Contents 

  1. How do I get a quote on a rigid box project ?
  2. Where can I find samples of your work?
  3. Why doesn't Four Four Four publish prices of boxes?
  4. Who is your primary target Customer for Rigid Boxes?
  5. What is your production lead times for orders?
  6. When is your busy season?

How do I get a quote on a rigid box project?

If you have been buying a specific box for a long time, you likely are very familiar with the specifications we require and perhaps have a quote sheet from another supplier that should tell us all we need to know to quote your project.  We need to know the caliper or basis weight of the box board material along with the finish ( white or chip ) We need to know the dimensions of the bottom tray on score-lines (inside dimensions of the box).  We then need to know the laminate stock. Is it printed litho? that you supply or we have to print?, is it a standard cover stock from one of the many paper suppliers?  We also need to know the style of box. Is it a standard two-piece telescope? Is it a three piece shouldered box? Hinged? Tray Only? etc.  Once we have the specs then we simply need the qty in order to complete a quote and send it to you for consideration.   Now if you are new to rigid boxes we will need to have a longer consultation process in order to refine your box needs with you.  In each case.  Call us or email us to get the ball rolling.


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Where can I find samples of your work?

Four Four Four Limited is a full manufacturing facility and as such we have an extensive collection of prior production samples.  We cannot show all of them here in our website of course.  You will see many of our accomplishments at upscale retailers, wineries, chocolate stores, florists, and the list goes on.  Our packaging has been used in clothing, chocolates, perfumes, movies DVD cases, books, etc.

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Why doesn't Four Four Four publish pricing?

Four Four Four does not publish pricing here sine the vast majority of projects we are involved in are Custom work with unique circumstances.  The key driver in packaging is always the volume of the production run, as such pricing is indexed by this.  The same or similar style of box will vary in price if a Client orders 100 boxes versus a Client that orders 100,00 boxes. So we will quote your box requirements individually.  But we will tell you that we are very cost competitive.  Many Creative Directors will perhaps decide rigid boxes are too expensive for a given project.  NOT NECESSARILY SO !  Rigid boxes do not require tooling or dies.  We have flexible machinery that can be adjusted to run custom size packaging with no steel rule dies that are needed for folding cartons.  As such in short run situations, rigid boxes may actually be cheaper than folding cartons AND be a much better box.

So do not discount rigid boxes on price alone, let us show you how rigid boxes can in fact be the better price performance solution when looking for new packaging solutions.

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Who is your target Customer?

What makes rigid boxes so interesting is the wide range of applications that we work in.  We have worked with Clients in any Industry you can imagine. From Cosmetics to Chocolates, from Automotive to Floor Tiles. We have created sample boxes, product launch kits, product packaging, retail signature packaging and everything in between.  While rigid boxes are not as popular as they use to be at the turn of the century before folding cartons were introduced. We continue to innovate and find our niche in many product verticals.  Board Games and Puzzles are one of our larger segments. In fact we also make our own games that can be found at www.fourfourfourltd.com  We license with Nickelodeon and Disney to create premium Kids games that are found at retailers across Canada.

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What is your lead times for Production or Orders?

The answer to this is based on our relationship.  We have long term Clients that we offer virtual stocking programs so that we can fill an order in just a few days.  Our business is also highly seasonal with the largest demand occurring in the summer to fall for the Holiday Season retail time frame.  As such our lead times may be 2-3 weeks in the January to May time frame, but may be 6 weeks in the fall due to our heavy loading due to peak orders.  Again any lead times for Custom jobs will be given at the time of order.  We do our best to make everyone happy. If we cannot meet your timelines, we will tell you upfront.  Many companies will tell you what you want to hear to get your order and will then simply be late with delivery. 

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When is your busy season?

Without question our style of packaging is at its highest demand for the Q4 period. Due to Holiday Seasons in December, we are busy from June through to November to meet delivery for this all important fourth quarter as most of our goods are for retailers in one form or another. Be it jewelry boxes, or retail packaging, or the prestige products our packaging is used for.

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