How do I download and install my new FREE TEXT LOGO?
Click here to view video instructions.

Your custom text logo may take up to 3 business days, although we usually turn around in 24 hours.

You will receive notification of via email and the ticket center when the logo is complete.

How to install your logo:

  1. your designer will send you a message through the ticket center
  2. click on the 'website-name.swf' file to download
  3. download this file to your desktop
  4. open your website in FrontPage or Dreamweaver
  5. open the 'Flash' folder
  6. select the 'logo' folder
  7. while the 'logo' folder is highlighted in dark blue, click on the 'File menu'
  8. click on 'Import'
  9. click on the 'Add file' button
  10. click the desktop icon to view files on your desktop
  11. select the 'website-name.swf' file
  12. click OK
  13. if you had the logo folder selected when you imported the 'website-name.swf' file, it should have imported this file directly into the flash/logo folder to over write the existing file
  14. click YES to overwrite

IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE the 'Do you wish to over write the existing file' message, you probably did not have the logo folder selected when you imported the updated 'website-name.swf' file.

Look in your folder list (left) to see if the 'website-name.swf' file is in the main folder of your website (this would be the default import location if you did not have a specific folder selected)

Drag the 'website-name.swf' file, into the 'flash/logo' folder, and click YES when asked to over write.