How do I edit the FrontPage Vertical Menu Bar?
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Click here to view video instructions.

Your website includes 2 versions of the vertical menu bar.

The DEFAULT menu bar is the FrontPage Menu Bar. If you would like to replace the default FrontPage Menu Bar with a more search engine optimized CSS Text Menu Bar, just watch the video tutorial, and I'll walk you through this process.

  • A vertical menu bar using the FrontPage navigation system
  • A vertical menu bar using a CSS text menu bar (great for Search Engine Optimization)

Both of these menu bars can easily be modified to include additional pages, remove existing pages, and change the names on the buttons to suit your needs.

If you would like to replace the FrontPage navigation menu bar, with the CSS menu bar for better Search Engine Optimization, please review the video below.

If you've downloaded the Dreamweaver / HTML version of the website template, your package will have the CSS version installed by default.

Learn how to edit your MENU Bar, by clicking on the menu bar type from the list below:



Each link above will open a new page to an instructional video tutorial

 FrontPage** and CSS: The CSS Text Menu Bar can be used with all HTML editors. For FrontPage users wanting to achieve the best Search Engine Results, we recommend the CSS Text Menu Bar.