How do I add and remove pages?
  • (10 pre-designed pages included, remove what you don't need)
  • (duplicate a blank page to create more)
Click here to view video instructions.

Ah, so simple, yet so elusive! There are quite a few methods used to add and remove pages from your website. Pick up some tips from our lead designer, and learn how we save time and effort when building websites.

To add a new page, create a duplicate of an existing page

  • open the '@blank.htm' page
  • with the '@blank.htm' page open, click on the file menu
  • select 'Save As' on the file menu
  • in the 'File Name: box, type in a new name for the page
    (you'll create a duplicate of the open page)
  • select the folder you wish to save the new page to (or leave in the same folder as the original)
  • click 'Save'

To remove a page

  • highlight the page in the folder list
  • press delete on the keyboard (or right click, and delete)