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Introduction from our lead designer:

Hello! My name if Colin Fraser, I'm the lead designer for LuckyMarble / i3dthemes. We've grouped the FAQ's into 9 sections, the menu being accessible from the top, bottom and right on this and all FAQ pages. As we do cover quite a bit of info in our FAQ's we've attempted to keep the questions as organized as possible. You may or may not find the answers to your questions. If you do not find an answer to your question, please visit www.luckymarble.com/members. Login, and submit your question through the 'My Support Center' on your members page. We do try to keep our FAQ's up to date, and your question may be the next FAQ we add to that list! 

I would like to share with you the 3 criteria our team has built into your website template:

  1. WOW factor. We want your website to LOOK like a $1000 (hopefully more :)
    • We only produce GREAT looking websites, utilizing current technologies
    • We design all our templates and graphics 'in house'
    • The people who design the templates, are the same people who support it, modify it, and boast about it!
  2. SEO. Search Engine Optimization.
    • We have expert knowledge of current Search Engine Optimization techniques
    • Templates are designed from the ground up for SEO
    • Key elements included in the template page build, to help you better optimize your web site and web page
      • META tags (title, description, keywords)
      • Page Title
      • Text Links
      • Copyright
    • W3C standards validated (with the exception of flash code which will not validate)
  3. EASE of EDITING: Lot's of WOW, little software.
    • We really want to provide a High End websites, that really stand out. To provide such a website presents the challenge of adding the WOW, bells and whistles, while maintaining some ease of use. We've done just that.
    • Software required, a standard HTML editor such as Microsoft FrontPage is really all you need.
    • Edit the information in the Flashy bits**, with FrontPage 2003, Notepad or any text editor
    • Step by Step video instructions provided for any element of your website that is not a standard FrontPage component

    ** You can edit the information in the flash header using a standard text editor or FrontPage. You may need an image editor if you plan on replacing the default images. You would only need to resize the replacement images, and save them in a NON-PROGRESSIVE JPG format. If you wish to modify the font type, character set, font color etc in the flash header, you would need Macromedia Flash MX/2004 8 **

Newbie's and Pro's alike!

I think it's important for me to talk with you about reviewing the instructions, or at least using the FAQ's (right) to help answer any questions you may have about your website template. Everyone has various skills levels. Fortunately as we progress through the years, these skills increase. Many of you could jump right in, and figure things out for yourself, as this is after all, a standard HTML website, with a few added features. For anything you can't immediately figure out, we have video instructions to help walk you through it.

I will let you know right now, that we are here to help! We are proud of our service and support!

The Complete FAQ List:

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