Where can I find HELP!

There are several resources where you can find help. And there are many reasons that you may need help. Some of them may be 'template' related, while others are FrontPage / Dreamweaver or HTML related. As this template is designed to be used in conjunction with a Software application such as Microsoft FrontPage most of the questions you have are answered in the Microsoft Knowledge base, the Microsoft Website (Macromedia for Dreamweaver users) and we've even done our best to answer the most commonly asked FrontPage questions in your members "My Support Center" page.

I would like to share my 4 best resources for HELP in building your website.

The Instructions Page  |  The Microsoft Knowledge Base  |  My Support Center  |  Lynda.com

  • The Instructions page
    • Well, what can we say. I've made my best effort to answer any template related questions you may have in our Instruction section. The instructions cover the basics. If you have a question that requires a more advanced answer, please use 'My Support Center' so we can answer your question, and update the LuckyMarble Knowledge base as well (we like to share what we learn ).


  • The Microsoft Knowledge Base
    • FrontPage will connect directly to the Microsoft Knowledge base. To ask a FrontPage related question:
      • open your website in FrontPage
      • look to the top right corner of the FrontPage interface
      • highlight the 'Type your question here'
      • type in a question (hint: start with 'about....)
      • press enter on your keyboard to start the query
      • in most cases you'll find an abundance of related topics


  • "My Support Center" at LuckyMarble
    • LuckyMarble / i3dthemes also has a knowledge base, built from questions asked by our members. If you can not find an answer to your question, just send it along to our support team and we will add your question along with the answer to the knowledge base!


  • Lynda.com
    • Nothing quite so good as someone to teach you how to work the software. And lynda.com is the place to learn. Most of the support questions we receive deal with the inner workings of FrontPage. A great place to learn how to use FrontPage is lynda.com. At the time of this writing, lynda.com has a monthly subscription fee of $25 which allows you access to all their video instruction! Learn how to use FrontPage or Dreamweaver from the comfort of your office chair!