About Form Pages

We've provided some additional tools for your website, the contact_us.htm page, and it's partner the contact_confirmation.htm page. We've included these pages to help you gather information from your visitors, and save or send that information to a text file for later review, or an email address for immediate notification.

When a visitor submits information on the contact page, they have the opportunity to review that information via the confirmation page! Nice and professional.

Although form pages are really the best way to collect information from your visitors, there can be a bit of a learning curve to setting them up. So we've built the form pages to work with FRONTPAGE and FRONTPAGE server extensions. So all you really need to do, is enter an email address into the form properties, and maybe edit the 'form fields' to gather specific information from your visitors.

There are limitations to the included form pages.

  • They will only work if published to a server that has FrontPage extensions installed
  • You MUST publish the website using the FrontPage Publish Site option located in the File menu of FrontPage.
  • Form pages can only be 'tested' on a live website.
  • We have tested the form pages to ensure they are set up and functioning.
  • Any issues you may encounter, will most likely be an issue with the server or the FrontPage extensions on your server.
  • Please read on to see how to set up your form page and how to publish to your server.
  • My form page doesn't work!

    Your form page will send the results to the follow folder and page in your website:


    You can access the results at any time by logging into your live website, and opening this page. Or you can modify the form to send results directly to your email address. Follow the instructions below.

    • First, make sure you've entered your email address into the form properties
      • open your form page
      • right click inside the form (click close to a text box field)
      • select Form Properties
      • enter your email address
      • give the Form a Name (optional)
      • click OK
      • click: NO (if editing on a local PC)
      • save the page
        • click on the File menu in FrontPage ( >> )
        • click on Publish Site...
        • for FrontPage 2003 users select the 'FrontPage or Sharepoint service' option
        • enter your complete URL in the 'Remote Web Site Location' field (http://wwwi3dthemes.com)
        • enter your username (provided by your hosting company - be aware of case sensitive characters)
        • enter your password (provided by your hosting company)
        • click the PUBLISH button (lower right corner for FrontPage 2003 users)
    • FrontPage FORM pages WILL NOT work on a local website
    • You MUST first PUBLISH the website using the FrontPage publish site option
    • FORM page WILL NOT work if published via FTP

      The FrontPage form pages (contact_us.htm and contact_confirmation.htm) are included FREE of charge, as they connect to your web server through the FrontPage Extensions. FrontPage extensions are included with MOST hosting accounts FREE of charge. You may need to contact your hosting company to activate the Frontpage Extensions on your hosting account.

      The INCLUDED form page on the contact_us.htm page, and the contact_confirmation.htm page are for FrontPage websites publishing to a server with FrontPage extensions ONLY

      If you are using a program other than FrontPage OR you are publishing your website via FTP, you will need to contact your web host to determine how to set up the form handler for your hosting account, or purchase an optional Form Handler Module from Luckymarble.