About the 'BONUS' components!

We've included several BONUS components not included in either the FrontPage or Dreamweaver component libraries.

Some of these components are to add visual appeal, while others have functionality in mind.

These are components that you would not find in most website templates, as we've designed or modified them to work specifically with your template. In some cases, editing these files is somewhat limited. You may wish to expand the capabilities of what we've included. In some cases this may work, some cases it may not.

I would like to take a few minute of your time and describe these components, what can be modified, what can't and basically their range of functionality.

Let's start with the:

  • Time and Date component in the Flash header
    • Displays 12 hour time / optional 24 hour clock setting for European country settings
    • Full text description of day, month
    • Displays the 'visitors' time, not the servers
    • We do offer FREE modification to this component for INTERNATIONAL language updates ONLY
    • We will change the Day, Month descriptions as long as they are translated and provided by you

    Any additional modifications to this component will be billed at our programming rate of $1.50 per minute.

    You CAN remove this component by opening the 'flash' folder, and deleting the 'time-date' folder.


  • JavaScript Scroller

    The scroller is a great little tool that can help you display advertising, or updates to a news area of your website. Although it can be quite flexible, modification of the scroller does require some intermediate to advanced knowledge of JavaScript and or HTML.

    We do receive a fair number of requests on how to modify the scroller. With each modification, the situation is unique therefore difficult to create a tutorial or help file for each instance.

    So what we provide is one scroller, embedded into an include page. (for easy removable from web pages). That's free for your use.

    If you require the scroller to be modified, duplicated, or changed in any way other than what we've provided please contact our design team with the details and we'll see if it's something we have information that can help, or if we could provide a service at our regular programming rates of $1.50 per minute.

    If you have any working knowledge of JavaScript and or HTML, then you can do quite a few things with the scroller, such as create multiple scrollers, one scroller for each page in your website...the list goes on.

    • Designed to display one web page, in a small window, on another webpage
    • You can easily REMOVE this component from your web pages just by selecting it with your cursor, and pressing delete on the keyboard. The scroller is embedded into an include page for easy removal
    • To edit the 'content' in the scroller, open the 'scroller_content.htm' page, and replace the text with your own
    • You can place images into the scroller, just keep them at a viewable size
    • You can hyperlink your text as you would on any web page

    Now my words of wisdom, or caution. The Scroller is set up to link to pages in the main or root folder of your website. It will not work on sub pages.


  • Google Site Search


  • Bookmark Us

    The Bookmark Feature WILL ONLY work on a LIVE website. If you test this on your local website, you will receive an error. Publish you site and it will work.


    • The Bookmark Us component will enable your visitors to easily Bookmark the Page that they are currently viewing
    • Each page in your site may have a specific topic that a visitor would like to save, so the scripts works by page, not URL or Domain
    • You can easily remove this site wide by opening the 'includes' folder, open the 'b12-add-to-favorites.htm' page and delete the graphic
    • If the 'Bookmark' function does not work, the link to the javascript folder or file has been broken. Make sure the 'javascript' folder and 'special_functions.js' file are uploaded to the server


  • Contact Us
    •  A graphic element created specifically to match your 'template' design
    • To edit the 'email' address for your contact button to work:
      • open the 'includes' folder
      • open the 'b13-contact-icon.htm' page
      • right click on the image
      • select hyperlink properties
      • change the 'mailto' address

      if you see a 'blue' border around this graphic image after you've edited the address

      • double click on the graphic image
      • make SURE the 'Border Thickness' option is set to '0'
      • click OK