About the Flash Header

I have created a set of video tutorials to answer your specific questions regarding the Flash header. You may have additional questions regarding topics that I may not have covered. Please submit your questions through the "My Support Center" of your members page as I would like to expand our 'Knowledge base' with your specific questions and answers.

Flash Header FAQs


  • How do I change the date time (BONUS FEATURE)?
    • You may wish to change the date and time for INTERNATIONAL Language preferences
    • This can only be done by editing the Flash FLA file, and hard coding the proper day and date descriptions
    • You can download the editable 'date-time.fla' file from your members page
    • You will need Macromedia Flash MX /2004 or 8
    • You will need some familiarity in working in the action script window
    • Just change the text variables from English to your preference language
    • Export the new time-date.swf file to the flash/time-date folder
    • You can contact our design team, provide the information to be used for updating the flash files, and we'll do it for you!
    • You can change the 'hour' format to 24 hour time (European) with out the AM/PM
      • open the 'Templates/ xxx.dwt page'
      • locate


  • Can I have more than one song in the music player?
    • No, this is a single non repeating sound file


  • My International Characters don't show up?

    The Flash header and accompanying SWF files default to the English language Character sets.

    To include international character sets by default, would drastically increase the file size of the flash files. In most cases, we would only need to embed one character set to meet your specific needs. The source files for all flash elements are included with the template, and located in the same folder as their counterpart SWF file. You can edit using Macromedia Flash MX/2004 or 8 and embed the character set yourself, or contact our design team and we will provide an updated set of files with the character set of your choice from the list below. You can select one, two or even all of these character sets if you like. Just keep in mind, each character set will add about 10KB to the flash movies.

    We can modify the Flash files for you, to display International Character sets for:
    • Basic Latin
    • Japanese Kana
    • Japanese Kanji
    • Japanese (All)
    • Basic Hangul
    • Hangul (All)
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Chinese (All)
    • Thai
    • Devanagari
    • Hebrew
    • Arabic
    • Latin I
    • Latin Ext A
    • Latin Ext B
    • Latin Ext Addn'l
    • Greek
    • Cyrillic
    • Armenian

    If you do not see a Character set for your specific language you/we can HARD CODE the text with Characters directly into the flash files. The flash files would no longer use external text sources, but they would display the character set exactly as required.


  • How do I change the 'background' image?
    • Please contact our design team on this question. Each template design is unique in terms of the background images. Some are loaded from the flash header, and changeable, others require the source graphic file be modified.