About the 'FREE' Text LOGO

The FREE text logo is a little something we've included as a value added service for your template purchase. Each logo is 'custom' built for you, from scratch. In most cases, we use 2-3 different graphic programs, to get the look just right. Each logo takes about 15 minutes to produces and upload to your members account.

Why do we include the 'Website Name' graphic LOGO?

  • Most of our members are not graphic designers. We really do want you to have a nice professional looking website when you're done. Every website has some type of 'Heading' or 'LOGO'. Trying to integrate an existing gif image, jpeg image, or even using standard HTML type for your company name in most cases just doesn't add the 'punch' that  a graphic logo does. And in some (extreme) cases, adding your own image or text type turns a really great looking website into something, well, not so great looking.

Why is the service FREE?

  • This is a value added service! You are NOT REQUIRED to use this service (although it is free!) as we do provide instructions on how to replace the 'Website Name' with your own graphic or standard HTML text.