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What Software do I need to edit my website?

For the basics to get you up and published - FrontPage  2000 / 2002 / 2003 or Dreamweaver. That's it!

I would like to point out before we review our software requirements that we do use quite a few software programs to build your website.

You DO NOT REQUIRE the same software that we use, with the exception of an HTML editor.

We've designer the template to be editable using a standard HTML editor. From the Designer and Developer side of things, we've probably used 5-6 different software programs to build your website. I probably use 5-6 different 'software' filters in my Graphics program alone. If you are a DESIGNER wanting to MODIFY the SOURCE code (Fireworks PNG or Flash FLA), then you will need the same software, and in many cases, the same software filters. I would ask that you contact me through your members page to learn about the various programs and or filters you would need to edit the SOURCE code. If your purchase decision relies upon being able to edit the source, then I want to make sure you have all the facts up front. Of course if you need modifications, we can modify the source for you through our Custom Services.

With the exception to the Graphic Filters I use in Macromedia Fireworks, we use software that is available for download in trial versions, that way you can download a trial version of a software program, follow our video instructions, and edit the files at least one time before the trial period runs out. If you find the software to be of value, purchasing the software is up to you.

One of our goals in designing your website, is to provide a template that does not require more than 1 program in order to edit the site to the point of completion. We know this is not realistic for everyone, as it really depends on what you want to do with your website. However,  we have put a great deal of effort into designing a High End website with a lot of extra features so you will be able to really impress you visitors with as little effort (and software) as possible. We've further added the ability to make it easy to update these website features in such a way, that you would not need to purchase any additional software (beyond your HTML editor). As I mentioned above, there will be exceptions to this and  we've outlined a few of these exceptions below, so please read on or contact us with any questions you may have!

Now the question is, how easy it this website to edit?

There are common elements that everyone would want to edit at some point in time, such as the content on the pages, the 'taglines' in the flash header etc. We've created your  template so you can edit these things, with out needing the program they were originally generated with (such as flash). However, some of you may want to edit these files beyond just changing the name on the button, or the page they link to. For that you would need additional software. One of the most common 'intermediate' changes that our members would do, is changing the 'flash' images. For this type of change, you would need some sort of program but ONLY for resizing the image. You DO not need to open any SWF or Flash files to change the picture. You only need software that can 'resize' your images, and save them in jpg format.

Your template is a just a starting point for your website. You can really trick it out if you want to. I can easily think of a dozen different programs I could use that would add functionality, or sparkle to a website. Most of you will not need to go beyond the basics which we've provided in this template. I am not stating that your HTML editor is the ONLY program you would need as it really depends on how much you want to change the look and feel of the website template. If you stick to the basic design of the site, and want to edit the text, menu's etc then you're good with one program, that being your HMTL editor (FrontPage, Dreamweaver).

I like to think (believe it or not) that less is more. With that said, let's take a look at the types of software programs you would need, for the various updates you could do with your website template.

Software Required for editing the basics: (adding pages, deleting pages, creating new menu buttons, editing the content on the pages, publishing to a server)

  • either of the following HTML editors such as:
    • FrontPage 2000
    • FrontPage 2002
    • FrontPage 2003
    • Dreamweaver ( MX / 2004 / 8 )

With any of these basic programs you can accomplish almost ALL of the updates you would need for your website.

Software required for intermediate updates: (changing the images, modifying the font type or color in the flash header)

  • for updating the images in your website, you would need to resize the replacement images. An image editor of your choice would do, provided you can save the image in JPG format.
  • for editing the font types, colors, size for text in the flash header or buttons, you would need Macromedia Flash ( MX 2004 / 8 )
  • IF YOU DO not currently own image editing software, you can download the trial version of XaraWebstyle 4.0. Xara includes 'video' instructions on how to resize an image.

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